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Expert Brick Paver & Patio Installations in Ann Arbor, MI

Brick Pavers & Patio from Hardscape Solutions in Ann Arbor, MIBrick pavers are the perfect complement to any home’s landscape.

At Hardscape Solutions, we’re passionate about creating outdoor environments that are not only functional, but also supplement your lifestyle! Installed correctly, brick pavers will stand the test of time. Hardscape Solutions has been installing quality hardscape projects for over 25 years, and we have a proven track record of success.

Our team continues to exceed our clients’ expectations year after year with quality workmanship and award-winning designs. We create paver patio designs that are customized to your home’s unique needs and layout.  

When it comes to the success of any project, quality control impacts all phases of the construction process. Our team of experts will ensure quality in every step. We are not the general contractors for these projects, we are the actual installers of the projects. Hardscape Solutions will help from beginning of the project until the end. We believe a robust quality plan inspires quality construction.

A successful project begins with quality products.

Hardscape Solutions can design a look within your landscape and make it appear as though it has been there forever. In contrast, perhaps a more modern or contemporary look is part of your overall vision. Either way, Hardscape Solutions can install a project that ensures longevity and beauty for years to come. In today's market, there seems to be an endless selection of materials to choose from in order to build your project. Hardscape solutions highly recommends:  

  • Unilock as your first choice. Unilock offers a lifetime guarantee on the structural integrity of their paving stones, slabs, and retaining walls for residential use. However, due to site conditions and our clients' preferences to certain materials, the following choices are also available. 
  • Oaks
  • Rosetta
  • Belgard
  • Natural Stone Products

When considering a new brick paver project, imagination is your only limitation!

Between the different styles and colors of stone, the choices are endless! Our team has created everything from simple, minimalistic designs to ornate, extravagant paver mosaics. It all depends on your taste and what goes best with your home! With so many different brick paver options that it may seem intimidating, we’ve partnered with our friends over at Unilock to help you begin exploring some of the possibilities. 

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The most important decision a homeowner can make in order to guarantee the success of their project is choosing the right contractor for the job.

Why choose Hardscape Solutions as your brick patio paver contractor of choice? Simple! Hardscape Solutions has been installing brick pavers since 1992. Our staff has over 75 years of combined landscape design and construction experience; we are the brick paver authority of Southeast Michigan! Hardscape Solutions has been a Unilock Authorized Contractor since 2007, as such, the homeowner can have confidence their project will be installed in accordance to the highest standards. In addition, our quality of workmanship is guaranteed. In fact, Unilock believes so strongly in quality, that should we be unable to fulfill any of our warranty obligations, Unilock will step in and back the warranty. Hardscape Solutions is an experienced contractor who will only recommend the best products for your hardscape, as it is an investment that will only benefit you and the future value of your home, therefore, cost alone should not be the determining factor when choosing a contractor. Proper installation techniques will determine the return on your overall investment and Hardscape Solutions has the expert craftsmanship to ensure quality that is second to none. We are ready to go to work, let us go to work for you! 

To learn more about installing brick pavers or a custom patio for your home, contact Hardscape Solutions today!